Why Electric Vehicles are Ideal in Pierce and Snohomish Counties

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I recently tried to buy a Chevy Bolt in Pierce County. When I called around to local dealers no one had one in stock. One dealership offered to get a Bolt from their Olympia dealership.  The state sales tax incentive was running out (will be gone by May 31st) and I was finally ready to buy a Chevy Bolt with its improved battery (that goes over 230 miles on a charge) but they were almost all in King County. For many dealerships these electric cars are money losers and are only around as compliance cars that allow them to sell their less fuel-efficient trucks and SUV’s. These cars also don’t need much maintenance so they cannot expect to make money on oil changes and other maintenance that internal combustion engines…
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Do Something Good This Earth Month

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April is earth month and that is a chance to reflect on how we value the air, water and land that we live on. Take a look through the below ideas of things you can do (or do something else) and send me an email (rdicks@co.pierce.wa.us) with the tag line #DoSomethingGood and a short description of your effort and you will be entered to win free lunch with the Sustainability Manager or other prizes. Go to the Sustainability Expo Tacoma offers a great resource to South Sound residents in the annual South Sound Sustainability Expo Saturday April 14th. I will be there talking sustainability and I always learn new things about areas that interest me in the sustainability field. Create a Rain Garden  Two months ago I made an impassioned plea that we…
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Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

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So what will your Sustainable New Year's Resolution be in 2018? A few ideas to consider... Whatever you choose to do, commit to it actively for the first month. Studies show people who make changes intensively for a month are more likely to hold onto the habit long-term. Save Money Buy less stuff (video for inspiration). Recent studies suggest that the stuff you buy has a major impact on your greenhouse gas footprint. By buying less stuff you can save money for things like retirement. Limit Waste Get rid of old stuff that brings you no joy. But don't throw it away. You should take it to Goodwill or other local organizations that can find a good home for your items. Almost everything can be reused even those old shoes or that…
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The 2017 Sustainable Gift Guide

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Your LED holiday lights are up and your Amazon Smile account is setup to donate to your favorite Pierce County charity. You are ready to buy some stuff! Wait a minute...Isn't this the Sustainability Newsletter? Isn't buying stuff bad? Well not necessarily.... What if you could buy local stuff that people need and the gift reduced pollution throughout its lifetime. What if you could support local farmers from Orting and get delicious food throughout the year.  What if you could save money by getting off fossil fuels and breathe cleaner air while mowing your lawn. Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines Shop local when possible to support local businesses and help fund Pierce County Government operations through sales tax. Support local non-profits that make our community better (too many to list). Air Quality Remember…
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