Do Something Good This Earth Month

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April is earth month and that is a chance to reflect on how we value the air, water and land that we live on. Take a look through the below ideas of things you can do (or do something else) and send me an email ( with the tag line #DoSomethingGood and a short description of your effort and you will be entered to win free lunch with the Sustainability Manager or other prizes. Go to the Sustainability Expo Tacoma offers a great resource to South Sound residents in the annual South Sound Sustainability Expo Saturday April 14th. I will be there talking sustainability and I always learn new things about areas that interest me in the sustainability field. Create a Rain Garden  Two months ago I made an impassioned plea that we…
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Do We Care Enough to Save the Last 76 Southern Resident Orca Whales?

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I have spent a lot of time on Puget Sound but have never seen an orca whale, and yet I feel a close connection to these animals. My kids and I have enjoyed watching high definition BBC/PBS nature videos of transient orca whales hunting seals and even narwhals as the Arctic has melted. Orcas ability to communicate and hunt in packs like wolves make them "the most terrifying predator since the Tyrannosauruses Rex" according to one scientist. There are a lot of competing priorities for local governments including homelessness, the opioid epidemic, mental and behavioral health the list is long and solutions are expensive and very hard to achieve. Somewhere in the distant background of local news coverage is the fact that 8 Southern Resident Orca whales have died in…
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