How Are Pierce County Salmon Really Doing in 2017?

Salmon, Water Quality
I come from a salmon fishing family. Dating back to my great grandparents on both sides of my family are people that enjoyed going salmon fishing in the northwest. Now that my kids are 8 and 10 it's time to get them out on Puget Sound salmon fishing this summer. While it may seem unsustainable to some, fishing is a strong part of our culture in Puget Sound. People who fish largely care about the well being of fish and tend to understand the need for improved habitat and better water quality. Simply put without Tribes and fishing interests there would be a lot less interest in the health and wellness of salmon in Puget Sound. But how are salmon doing in Pierce County? I asked 8 local experts from Tribes, local…
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Why Local Jobs Are Critical to a Sustainable Pierce County

Jobs and Sustainability, Pierce County Jobs and Sustainability
Pierce County is growing fast and that news comes with mixed emotions for many people in this community. We have watched as King County has struggled with growth challenges like affordable housing, traffic, and increased pressure on natural areas. This same sort of growth is coming to Pierce County and how we prepare for that change will largely determine the sustainability of Pierce County into the future.  Pierce County has a Jobs Problem  Roughly 40% of our non-miltary working residents travel out of the county every day to go to work. It is why you can sit on I-5 for up to 2 hours in the morning to get to Seattle and why many of the park and rides are full by 6 am for the Sounder. I have often said that every job created in Pierce County is…
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