The 2017 Sustainable Gift Guide

Your LED holiday lights are up and your Amazon Smile account is setup to donate to your favorite Pierce County charity. You are ready to buy some stuff! Wait a minute…Isn’t this the Sustainability Newsletter? Isn’t buying stuff bad? Well not necessarily….

What if you could buy local stuff that people need and the gift reduced pollution throughout its lifetime. What if you could support local farmers from Orting and get delicious food throughout the year.  What if you could save money by getting off fossil fuels and breathe cleaner air while mowing your lawn.

Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines

Shop local when possible to support local businesses and help fund Pierce County Government operations through sales tax. Support local non-profits that make our community better (too many to list).

Air Quality

Remember when people could smoke in restaurants and bars? And you would go home with your clothes smelling of smoke. Someday soon we will feel the same way about burning fossil fuels outside. Electric lawn equipment is here now and it works great! I have been using an Ego electric lawn mower for 5 years and love it. I have added an electric leaf blower, trimmer, pressure washer and they all work great.

Ego Electric Lawn mower      Ego Electric Leaf Blower      Electric Pressure Washer

If you have allergies, animals or live in a neighborhood with a lot of wood smoke consider a HEPA air filter to clean the air in your home. Indoor air quality is usually worse than outdoor air quality so a filter can go a long way towards cleaning the air you live and sleep in. I’m sure there are lots of great air filters out there but the HEPA filter seems to be the key technology to cleaner air.

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, 465 sq. Ft           Honeywell HEPA 155 sq Ft.

Climate Change Resilience

Climate Change got you down? Hard to be unhappy if you get this funny climate change mug.

Human Health

A regular fitness routine is important for all of us. Check out the list of Wellness Discounts Pierce County Employees receive. Check Yelp for local Yoga or climbing.

The shorter days have come to the 253 and that can make it hard to get out of bed in the dark. This LED sunlight alarm clock should do the trick.  Led Alarm Clock

Are you South Sound Proud? Want to support the local South Sound Together campaign and buy local gear with the Live Like the Mountain Is Out logo?

Mount Rainier is the iconic peak in the County and who wouldn’t like a map to get around it better.

Or maybe just a Mt. Rainier National Park T-Shirt to workout in. Women’s    Men’s

Point Defiance gear can be found here.

Energy and Water Use

Coffee pots use a lot of energy and Cold Brew Coffee is all the rage (less acidic) so consider a cool morning coffee drink that won’t make your electricity bill go up. You can even add hot water to it.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker         OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 32 ounces

Programmable Thermostats can save you over $130 a year in electricity and or natural gas during the heating season. There are now lots of choices to consider but all should pay for themselves in under 2 years. PSE ($75) and TPU ($50) have rebates for many of these thermostats.

Ecobee    Nest        Honeywell Lyric T5           Lux Products 


Do people really buy cars for the holidays? Well if so buy the Chevy Bolt 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and has 238 miles of battery range. This is the best Electric Vehicle to own or lease in 2018.

Chevy Volt too expensive? Looking for a used EV?  There are great deals to be had in this market.

Consider an electric bike to get you up those pesky hills.

Materials Management

A reusable water bottle can replace hundreds of plastic bottles over its lifetime. These bottles also have Mt. Rainier on them (very cool).

Mizu Mount Rainier     YETI Mount Rainier Rambler Tumbler 

This glass artist made Mt. Rainier glass mug would make anyone happy for the holidays.

Expensive but kind of cool…YETI Mount Rainier Roadie Cooler

Tired of single use plastic? Try these wax reusable food wraps and ditch single use plastic.

Keurig Coffee K-Cups create a huge amount of trash! This Keurig reusable coffee filter can fix that.

Resource Lands

Sign up for the Pierce County Fresh Food Program (Terra-Organics) and bring home a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly gift of fresh organic food.

Buy a share in a local Community Supported Agriculture program from one of your favorite local farmers.

Water Quality

What about a gift for your pets?

Don’t forget a gift for your favorite dog like these biodegradable poop bags that guarantee lots of walks and clean water for our local streams.

Or a brightly colored collar for your outdoor cat so they won’t kill birds.