The 2017 Sustainability Survey is Coming…Are You Ready?

Employees that consider sustainability in their work save the county money, limit waste and protect human and environmental health. Once a year we gather as departments to show what we know but also to allow employees to provide insight into how we can solve sustainability challenges. The Sustainability 2020 plan calls for important changes over the coming years and making sure employees are up to date in training is critical to meeting the goals of the plan.

The Sustainability Survey will take place from October 16 – October 27th. If you have not received sustainability training and would like to before the survey here are some options.

Sustainability Training consists of: An overview of the 2016 Annual Report  a review of Electric Vehicles and Green Driver Training

Sustainability training is available at these locations on a first come first serve basis.

  • Thursday October 5th from 12-1pm Tacoma Mall Plaza 2nd floor Conference Room
  • Thursday October 5th from 2-3pm Rainier Conference Room, County City Building
  • Thursday October 12th from 10-11am Rainier Conference Room, County City Building
  • Thursday October 12th from 12-1pm Central Maintenance Facility, Elk Plain Conference Room A

Departments can contact me directly if they would like to try and schedule training before the survey.

This year we will have three County brackets and will crown three winners of the 2017 Sustainability Survey.

The Hawks Division

  1. Economic Development
  2. Communications/PCTV
  3. Family Justice Center
  4. County Executive
  5. County Council
  6. Assigned Counsel
  7. Finance
  8. Human Resources

The Dawgs Division

  1. Parks and Recreation
  2. Facilities Management
  3. Medical Examiner
  4. Superior Court
  5. Superior Court Clerk
  6. Emergency Management
  7. Auditor
  8. Assessor-Treasurer

The Cougs Division

  1. Human Services (First Round Bye)
  2. Planning and Public Works (First Round Bye)
  3. District Court
  4. Sheriff
  5. Prosecuting Attorney
  6. Juvenile Court

Good luck to all survey participants and remember no matter who wins we are all one big sustainable County family.

2016 Sustainability Survey Results