Which Electric Vehicle is Right For You?

Did you know there are 35 electric vehicles currently for sale in the United States. The days when it was a Leaf or an expensive Tesla are gone. In fact companies like Volvo are going exclusively with electric vehicles starting as soon as 2019. So given the fact that EV’s save you real money and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint which one is right for you?

Saturday September 9th from 11am-3pm is your chance to see over 20 different electric cars and motorcycles all in one place. Steilacoom is hosting the National Drive Electric Car Show with over 50 EV’s signed up to attend. I asked former Pierce County Council member and current State Representative Dick Muri why he is hosting this event.

1) What can we expect at the Steilacoom Electric Vehicle Car Show?     

A lot of learning from your friends and neighbors who already “Drive Electric”.   We currently have 22 different types of electric vehicles attending including  bikes, and a Pierce Transit all electric battery operated bus.  Short 5 minute bus rides around town at noon, 1 PM and 2 PM.

2) How long have you been driving an Electric Vehicle?      

I have been driving electric for 4 years.  Leased a 2013 Nissan Leaf (24 KWH battery, drove 35,500 miles) and then a 2016 Nissan Leaf in 2016 (30 KWH battery, currently at 11,000 miles).

3) Why are you so passionate about Electric Vehicles?

Good for our economy, our international energy independence (no to OPEC), reduces our national trade imbalance, reduced air, water and noise pollution and best of all, it has saved our household money.  It also has lots of “zip” and thus fun to drive.  Never need an oil change!

4) Why should someone show up to the Electric Vehicle Car Show Saturday September 9th from 11-3 PM? 

Besides learning a lot about electric vehicles, you will be able to tour our Steilacoom tribal museum and and the Town museum.   The Town of Steilacoom is the oldest municipality in the state (1854).  We will have at least two restaurants on site and a coffee shop.  Beautiful view of the Puget Sound at Pioneer Park.

5) I’ve owned a Nissan and a Kia electric vehicle. What are you thinking will be your next electric car?  

We are looking to buy a mid size Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) SUV.  Something that gets 40 to 50 miles on battery and then can be augmented with gas if travelling a long distance or if a battery charger is not readily available.  Probably purchase in 2019 or 2020.

6) What would you like Pierce County residents to understand about Electric Vehicles?
They are fun, economical and new products are coming out every year.  Prices are coming down.  Every person or family has different needs, so the best way to determine the right type of vehicle is to talk to your neighbors.  We expect about 70 vehicles will be on display, lots of potential discussion and learning.


 Dick Muri  “City Captain” National Drive Electric Week – Steilacoom




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