Turning Tragedy into Hope

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I am making the leap into 21st century communication tools by trying my hand at…blogging! My hope is that this tool will allow me a weekly platform to better communicate information to the constituents of District 5.

As I brainstormed about what my first blog post would be about, the advice I received was, “make sure what you are writing about is relevant to those you serve and something you care about.” I took that advice to heart.

Today is Domestic Violence Awareness Day. It is also the anniversary of the day Tacoma Police Chief David Brame took his wife Crystal Judson’s life, then his own. I was on the Tacoma City Council when this tragedy took place and can still vividly remember the feelings of shock and pain that reverberated within the community.  

I have been told to stop talking about the tragedy, that it happened so long ago. But if I were to stop talking about what happened I would not be acknowledging the good that came of out of such a horrific event. Good like the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center.

The FJC was opened in 2005 and has served approximately 100,000 people by offering “one door” access to multiple services for those looking to leave a domestic violence situation, heal and thrive.  Pierce County has the highest rate of domestic violence per capita in Washington State. The rate for domestic violence in Pierce County is 8.6 per 1,000 while the rate in Washington State is 5.7 per 1,000. As an elected official I feel not only is it my fiscal responsibility, it’s also my moral responsibility to support those facing domestic violence and to help end the cycle of abuse.

Please take a moment to watch this inspiring video about the FJC and the services they provide. As Chair of the FJC Board I am proud to share this moving video with you.Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

On this day, which marks such a tragedy in our history, I hope we can also celebrate the success of the lives that have been helped or saved because of the FJC.