Establishing our leadership team

Executive, Weekly Post
Having completed a thorough review of the County's management structure and personnel, I am pleased to announce our management team and a refined structure that will be more efficient, productive and accountable. Brian Ziegler has chosen to retire after many years of service to Pierce County. In light of this, Planning and Land Services will be combined with Public Works to form Planning and Public Works. Dennis Hanberg will be the director.  Information Technology will merge into Budget and Finance. Gary Robinson will be the director of that group, now known as the Finance department. The group also includes Risk Management. As a result, Linda Gerull is leaving the County and a search for a risk manager is underway following the retirement of Mark Maenhout.  Tony Tipton will be a…
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Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My week started out powerfully with the celebration of MLK Day. I had the honor of speaking to those attending the annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday in Tacoma on Monday. The County was well-represented at the celebration as our own Carol Mitchell served as the emcee. I had prepared some remarks for the celebration that were tied to the event’s theme, Beloved Community, but after watching a powerful movie the day before I decided to change my comments. Last weekend I watched “Hidden Figures.”  The movie is a true story and based on a little-known group of brilliant African American women who supported the NASA space flights in the 1960s. Their math and science skills directly led to the successful rocket launches and landings during the heyday…
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