Emergency Management

Flood warnings in effect on Pierce County rivers
Posted By Nicole Johnson on Dec 9th, 2015 at 3:16 PM

Flood warnings are in effect on all Pierce County rivers at this time. Wide scale evacuations are not anticipated, unless conditions change.

Voluntary evacuations are being advised in the area near the Nisqually River between LeGrande and McKenna. This means residents can choose to evacuate and are urged to remain vigilant and monitor local media for updates.

This area may experience water over the banks of the river and minor flooding through Friday. Releases from the Tacoma Public Utilities dam are being regulated by dam managers to reduce the risk of flooding to the extent possible without damaging the dam.

The Puyallup River downstream of Sumner is still rising. As the river rises, area streams may begin to back up and cause additional flooding.

“We urge residents to stay away from flood waters,” said Harold Smelt, Pierce County surface water manager. “Rivers and streams are flowing fast and carrying large amounts of debris that could be very dangerous.”

People should not attempt to drive or walk through flood waters, because roadways underneath could be damaged. In some areas, especially rivers and fast-flowing streams, flood waters may be strong enough to carry away a full-size vehicle.

Public Works crews from the Surface Water Management Division are currently assessing flood impacts and identifying damages and repair needs. To report water over the roadway, call (253) 798-6000. For other flooding in public areas, call (253) 798-2725.

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