Emergency Management

Orting declares an emergency
Posted By Sheri Badger on Apr 17th, 2007 at 8:34 AM

Released: April 16, 2007 Tacoma 

Water supplies have been established for Orting residents by agencies working in the Pierce County Emergency Operations Center. Residents can obtain bottled drinking water at Ortings Safeway parking lot.

A public water supply from Tacoma has been established at the High Cedars Golf Course parking lot at the corner of highway 162 and 149th St Ct East. The water available at High Cedars is safe drinking water, and does contain chlorine and fluoride. Residents should bring clean plastic containers to carry water in.

For those picking up water from the public source, the recommendation is one gallon of water per day for each household member.

City of Orting Mayor Cheryl Temple declared an emergency after Ortings Public Works Department discovered evidence of tampering at the citys water system at Harmon Springs. It is not known whether water was contaminated.

Law enforcement is investigating and Orting has sent water samples to a state- certified lab for testing. Test results should be back Wednesday. In the meantime, residents are urged not to use water: for drinking, cooking or bathing. The state Department of Health also recommends water from Orting not be used to water livestock, pets, gardens or crops.

The Orting School District has closed schools for tomorrow (Tuesday, April 17). Eating facilities  restaurants, bars and taverns  have been closed by Tacoma- Pierce County Health Department until test results have been returned.

Anyone with a critical health issue who needs water for treatment should contact the Pierce County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) about their needs for safe water. The EOC will coordinate strategies for getting water to those who need it for medical care, such as kidney dialysis. Tests results should be available Wednesday.

Orting will contact residents as soon as it is safe to drink water. Contact: Joby Winans, PIO, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, (253) 405-6822.