Emergency Management

Pierce County still registering medical professional volunteers
Posted By Sheri Badger on Sep 9th, 2005 at 8:01 AM

Tacoma, WA – September 07, 2005 – Pierce County is preparing to accept a significantly smaller number of evacuees from the area hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina, but it is still very important that we preregister professional medical volunteers. The Pierce County Department of Emergency Management is currently accepting applications for professional medical volunteers to assist victims. Volunteers will work within Pierce County. Volunteers with current medical licenses such as physicians, nurses, counselors, etc. will be in greatest demand. Or you may contact the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management directly at (253) 798-7470 for further information. At this point, it is unclear when or how many evacuees may be arriving, if at all. Applications will be processed and put on hold until we get the directive to activate the volunteers for this event or for a future medical emergency in our region. It is our hope that you will find a rewarding opportunity that matches your interests and skills, and we thank you for your willingness to assist in whatever manner possible.