Emergency Management

Snow and ice update from Road Operations
Posted By Sheri Badger on Jan 6th, 2004 at 6:53 AM

Tacoma, WA – January 06, 2004 – Conditions are generally as forecasted across Pierce County. Over the course of the morning, we received accumulations of four to six inches countywide. Currently all roadways are experiencing compact snow and ice/slush conditions. Snowfall has slowed since mid-afternoon, and now we are seeing rain/sleet across most of the County. Driving conditions continue to be serious, particularly at bridges, hills, curves and intersections. As of 5:30 p.m., the freezing rain was causing severe driving conditions, resulting in very slow traffic speeds and gridlock near high volume intersections and near hills. Our crews continue to plow snow and apply sand, and we will keep all resources in this mode until the temperatures warm and conditions transition. Since New Years Day, our crews have plowed over 7,000 lane miles of roadway, applied over 6,000 tons of sand, and over 8,000 gallons of liquid de-icing agents.


Pierce County government offices closed
Posted By Sheri Badger on Jan 6th, 2004 at 6:17 AM

Tacoma, WA – January 06, 2004 – County Executive John W. Ladenburg this morning ordered that Pierce County government offices close Tuesday in response to predicted heavy snowfall in the Puget Sound area. Essential services such as law enforcement, road operations and emergency management will be staffed. The closure order came shortly after snow began falling in Tacoma and outlying areas and sticking on streets and highways. “The roads are unsafe for our employees and the general public,” he said. County offices will re-open Wednesday. Pierce Countys Emergency Operations Center (EOC) opened this morning at 5 a.m. to coordinate its response to todays forecasted snow and ice events. Road crews continue to work around the clock, working to plow snow, provide sand and de-ice roadways. Currently, there are 21 plow/sand trucks, three de- icer trucks, and four road graders working on our road system and this same level of response will continue as the weather warrants. Please visit www.piercecountywa.org and click on “Emergency Information” for updates throughout the day. The EOC can be reach 24 hours at 253-798-7470.


Snow shifting to freezing rain in parts of the county
Posted By Sheri Badger on Jan 6th, 2004 at 4:25 AM

Tacoma, WA – January 06, 2004 – Snow is beginning to shift to freezing rain in parts of Pierce County, making already hazardous driving conditions even more dangerous. Motorists are asked to use extreme caution and expect delays during this afternoon’s commute. Road crews have kept all Pierce County roads open today and will continue operations through the remainder of the storm. Snow accumulations have totalled anwhere from four to eight inches. As rain mixes with snow later tonight, it will become heavy and residents should prepare for possible power outages. While this cannot be prevented, it would be a good ideas to have emergency kits at the ready. A good starter kit should include, food, water, first aid supplies, warm clothing/extra blankets, a radio, flashlight(s) and extra batteries. Don’t forget to check on neighbors. The rain-on-snow scenario could cause urban and small stream flooding. Emergency officials are encouraging residents to clear storm drains of leaves or other debris in an effort to prevent ponding water. In any event, the public is urged to stay informed about the evolving weather situation. The Pierce County EOC will remain open this evening, 253-798-7470.