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Flood warnings in effect on Pierce County rivers
Posted By Nicole Johnson on Dec 9th, 2015 at 3:16 PM

Flood warnings are in effect on all Pierce County rivers at this time. Wide scale evacuations are not anticipated, unless conditions change.

Voluntary evacuations are being advised in the area near the Nisqually River between LeGrande and McKenna. This means residents can choose to evacuate and are urged to remain vigilant and monitor local media for updates.

This area may experience water over the banks of the river and minor flooding through Friday. Releases from the Tacoma Public Utilities dam are being regulated by dam managers to reduce the risk of flooding to the extent possible without damaging the dam.

The Puyallup River downstream of Sumner is still rising. As the river rises, area streams may begin to back up and cause additional flooding.

“We urge residents to stay away from flood waters,” said Harold Smelt, Pierce County surface water manager. “Rivers and streams are flowing fast and carrying large amounts of debris that could be very dangerous.”

People should not attempt to drive or walk through flood waters, because roadways underneath could be damaged. In some areas, especially rivers and fast-flowing streams, flood waters may be strong enough to carry away a full-size vehicle.

Public Works crews from the Surface Water Management Division are currently assessing flood impacts and identifying damages and repair needs. To report water over the roadway, call (253) 798-6000. For other flooding in public areas, call (253) 798-2725.

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Pierce County road crews responding to roadway flooding
Posted By Nicole Johnson on Dec 9th, 2015 at 3:15 PM

As of 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 9, Pierce County road crews were responding to more than 130 sites with water over the roadway, more than 40 sites with downed trees and four sites with landslide activity.

Significant rain since the morning of Dec. 9 has overwhelmed some roadside storm drainage systems, resulting in roadway flooding. Crews will monitor these sites, clear blockages, and clean systems to proactively reduce flooding. Rain has also saturated the ground, resulting in downed trees and landslides.

Several roads are closed due to the storm. A map of current roadway obstructions and road closures is available here.

“Motorists should not drive through standing water, near downed trees and utility lines, or around road closure barricades,” said Paul Marsh, Pierce County Public Works road maintenance superintendent. “With landslide activity expected to pick up over the next few days, motorists should turn around and take an alternative route if they encounter debris blocking the road.”

Individuals should also stay away from downed power lines, as they may still be energized.

Slide sites:
• Orville Road East is closed between Kapowsin Highway and State Route 161 due to a mudslide.
• The shoulder of Key Peninsula Highway KPS is closed just north of Longbranch Wharf KPS due to a slide. Pierce County engineers will assess the shoulder today to determine next steps.
• Cromwell Drive Northwest is closed in the 5700 block due to a mudslide.
• A section of the embankment along 72nd Street East failed just east of Canyon Road East. The embankment is separated from the roadway by a guardrail. Pierce County engineers will assess the situation today.

Pierce County road crews respond during rain events to close roads affected by flooding, downed trees and mudslides, and remove downed, leaning or damaged trees and debris along county roads. Priority is given to major arterials and collectors, lifeline emergency routes, Pierce Transit and school bus snow routes, and access roads to highways, freeways, and park and ride lots.

The public can report roadway flooding, downed trees and debris on country roadways, along with other roadway issues, 24 hours a day to the Public Works Road Operations Division at www.piercecountywa.org/rfa or (253) 798-6000.

Visit Pierce County’s Emergency Information Blog for up-to-date emergency information at http://blog.piercecountywa.org/emergency.

Media Contacts:
Paul Marsh, Public Works road maintenance superintendent
(253) 798-3483
(253) 798-6000

Anne Radford, Public Works public information officer
(253) 798-2464

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Emergency Operations Center Open
Posted By Nicole Johnson on Dec 9th, 2015 at 11:10 AM

In response to flooding on multiple rivers, isolated landslides, and road closures in Pierce County, the Pierce County Emergency Operations Center opened today at a Level 2 at 9:00am.

Officials are working with jurisdictions and partners across Pierce County to gather information and provide assistance to residents. Evacuation notifications have been issued in the McKenna area.

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U.S. Open parking at Washington State Fair
Posted By Sheri Badger on Jun 15th, 2015 at 10:27 AM

U.S. Open spectators who will be utilizing the Washington State Fair parking area in Puyallup (the U.S. Open Red Parking) should park in Blue Gate parking lot on Meridan St. S. and 10th Ave. SE, east of the Fairgrounds. Security screening and shuttle pick-up is located at this area, rather than the Red Gate.


Winter Storm Preparedness
Posted By on Dec 11th, 2014 at 5:28 PM

Storm Preparedness

As we approach this winter storm season and track today’s windstorm, Pierce County Emergency Management would like to remind everyone to make sure you and your family are prepared for any event that may occur.  The message of emergency preparedness can be boiled down to one basic reality – be ready to be on your own for a minimum of seven days. Emergency responders can only react to the most severe emergencies in a crisis. People have to be able to rely on themselves, on their families and friends and on their neighbors.

A few important reminders:

-We encourage you to take a few minutes to go through your disaster kit and replenish any supplies.

-Improper use of generators and propane/charcoal grills cause carbon monoxide poisoning and is a leading cause in windstorm-related illness and fatalities.

-Falling trees and blowing debris can cause severe damage to buildings and vehicles and may also cause injuries and fatalities.


If you have any questions or for more information on how to prepare you and your family, you can go to our website at www.piercecountywa.org/prepare.

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