Human Services Committee Leadership

Human Services Committee Leadership

The Governor’s new order on public meetings allows local governments to resume non-COVID-19 business, while still operating remotely. That means committee meetings resumed this morning.

At this afternoon’s Council meeting Councilmember Ladenburg and swapped roles on the Human Services Committee. I’ll take over as chair, and she’ll replace me as vice-chair. The idea is to transition more gradually since she’s termed off the Council in December.

She’s been the committee’s only chair having started it first as an ad hoc, then select, and finally a full standing committee. It’s enabled us to give more attention to behavioral health, housing, children and youth services, public health, aging and disability services, among other issues.

Don’t expect significant changes. Connie and I agree on most of these subjects. I’ve learned a lot from her during our time together on Council. We’ll continue to collaborate on most of our initiatives.

The pandemic and its impact on the economy and services is devastating. In our recovery, human services will need to be a central focus for the Council’s efforts.