Vision 2050 Recommended for Approval

Vision 2050 Recommended for Approval

Our new regional land use plan for Kitsap, Snohomish, King and Pierce counties is ready for final approval by the Puget Sound Regional Council.

– Derek Young, Pierce County Council

After almost two years of work and over 200 amendments, we’re ready to recommend our regional land use plan update to the Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board. Final approval by the General Assembly, made up of every city and county in the region, is scheduled for March.

The plan, a requirement of the State’s Growth Management Act, is to figure out how to accommodate 1.8 million residents and 1.2 million jobs to the central Puget Sound region by 2050. That’s the equivalent of 8.5 new Tacomas.

It’s fitting that we passed this on Tacoma Councilmember Ryan Mello’s final day as chair of the Growth Management Policy Board as he term’s off the Tacoma Council. He expertly shepherded us through this sometimes difficult process. I don’t think we would be done without his leadership.

I’m most excited about new policies we established to improve jobs-housing balance. Most of our environmental, social, and economic problems stem from the concentration of jobs in King County and housing elsewhere in the region. This was an extraordinarily difficult and complicated conversation, so I’m proud of the result. I wrote about the proposal here in June. 

Vision 2050 continues to focus more growth into major cities and transportation hubs while striving to protect rural working and wild lands from development.

Other issues addressed in Vision 2050 include:

  • Housing affordability
  • Displacement & equity
  • Healthy communities
  • Changes in transportation, freights and technology
  • Military installations
  • Climate change
  • Puget Sound recovery
  • Recognition of Tribes and culturally sensitive sites