2020–2021 Proposed Budget Amendments

2020–2021 Proposed Budget Amendments

These are the budget amendments I’ve proposed. All amounts are for their biennial cost.

$50,000 to hire a consultant for shoreline inventory, analysis, and characterization work to support amendments to the Shoreline Management Program.

Increasing the Executive’s proposal for Pierce County’s Help Me Grow pilot project from $75,000 to $150,000. HMG builds capacity within existing organizations in the community to extend support to more families, building coordination rather than creating new infrastructure.

-Informs families of all their options so they can connect to the right service for their specific needs, rather than the first community service they happen to hear about

$400,000 for defense services for immigrants, refugees, and asylees unable to afford legal counsel and facing a removal order.

$250,000 to the Recreational Boating Association for the purchase of Lakebay Marina.

$320,000 to hire a Sustainability Manager to administer and manage Pierce County’s countywide sustainability efforts.

$40,000 to provide Naloxone training and distribution to all Pierce County Sheriff Deputies.

$35,000 for the 2020 Opioid Summit and staff support for the task force.

$60,000 and .5 FTE for the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department the manage and administrate the Opioid Task Force, provided it is matched by the City of Tacoma.

$290,000 for a new planner position in the Council research office to staff land use changes that aren’t getting done by the Executive branch. This model is more common in other counties where legislative branch staff are in charge of legislative priorities.

$30,000 for the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation Community Campus Construction.

$236,000 for South Sound 211 to connect people to available behavioral health services.

Increase the Executive’s budget for the proposed TPCHD Maternal Smoking Cessation Program to reduce low birth weight from $125,000 to $250,000.

$907,035 to add a 23rd Superior Court judge. Funding goes to the cost of a judge, court reporter, and judicial assistant. The State funds half the cost of the judge.

$125,000 to Consejo for behavioral health services to backfill funding cuts from the Legislature. This should be a one-time issue related to integration of health services.