Addresses on Key Peninsula, Fox Island and Anderson Island expected to change in 2018

Addresses on Key Peninsula, Fox Island and Anderson Island expected to change in 2018


Addresses on Key Peninsula, Fox Island and Anderson Island are expected to change in early 2018 in order to comply with Next Generation 911 and U.S. Postal Service standards.

Addresses on Key Peninsula with a “KPN” directional would use “NW,” while those with a “KPS” directional would use “SW.” Anderson Island and Fox Island addresses would no longer have a directional. Currently, the directional for Anderson Island is “AI,” while the directional for Fox Island is “FI.”

“The Key Peninsula address changes will help first responders arrive more quickly during emergencies,” said Key Peninsula Fire Chief Guy Allen. “Many of our personnel know the area well and still have trouble finding some addresses. This problem quickly becomes much more serious when we have a major emergency and crews from out of the area respond to back us up.”

Next Generation 911 is a system that allows the public to contact 911 via text messages, as well as through phone calls. Under Next Generation 911 standards, addresses must meet U.S. Postal Service standards before the 911 system is upgraded. The majority of Pierce County addresses meet these standards, while the addresses on Key Peninsula, Fox Island and Anderson Island do not due to their current directionals.

The Pierce County Council is expected to consider a resolution to adopt the address changes in late 2017. This action would also set a date in early 2018 for these changes to go into effect. If the changes are approved, property owners will receive a second notice in early 2018 with their official new address and the date it will become effective. They received an initial notice about these expected changes in mid-October.

If the changes are adopted, new addresses should be used for emergency services calls starting in 2018. Mail services will continue to honor old addresses for one year from the effective date, to allow time for homeowners to update their address with their contacts.

In addition to changes to directionals, addresses that are considered problematic for other reasons will be corrected on Key Peninsula and Anderson Island. Pierce County and emergency services track problem addresses and have a regular program to fix them.

These fixes make properties easier for first responders to find in the event of an emergency. Common address problems include house numbers that are out of sequence, addresses that are off a road that is not used for access, and addresses that are on the wrong side of the street.

The public can learn about these changes at two open houses on Key Peninsula. Staff from local emergency services and Pierce County will be available to answer questions.

  • Lakebay: 4:30 to 7 p.m., Nov. 8 at Evergreen Elementary, 1820 Key Peninsula Highway S.
  • Vaughn: 4 to 7 p.m., Nov. 13 at Key Peninsula Civic Center, 17010 S. Vaughn Road KPN

The public can call a dedicated phone number at (253) 798–8575 or email with questions. People can also visit to learn more and access a map that allows them search for address changes to their property.

Groups can request a presentation on the changes by contacting Tiffany O’Dell, Pierce County Planning and Public Works senior planner, at

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