Passage of Supplemental Budget

Passage of Supplemental Budget

This afternoon the Pierce County Council unanimously passed a long awaited supplemental budget. The process didn't start out as I had hoped. Judging by my inbox, many of you had similar thoughts. However, we rolled up our sleeves and went right back to work. I think we ended up with a budget all of us can be proud of.

This budget makes important investments in behavioral health, public safety, economic development, and nuisance property abatement. It's still not enough but it is a step in the right direction. You can find details on the major amendments here.

It's also important because it shows that this Council can set aside its differences, work together, and accomplish great things for our residents — something we don't always see these days. My hope is that we'll build some momentum from this budget that will carry on into other issues facing our county.

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