Wearing a mask does not mean I ‘live in fear’

It’s no secret, we’re seeing a third surge in positive covid cases in Pierce County. Recent case counts continue to follow an upward trajectory, erasing the efforts we put forward earlier this year to reduce the transmission of this deadly virus.

Health experts are warning this will continue as more people move indoors and as the holidays approach. Beating this virus is a marathon and not a sprint. People need to heed the advice of state and local health officials and continue to follow the guidance that is proven to reduce transmission of covid-19.

I believe it is important that people understand wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is an act of kindness. It is frustrating to see this simple step create divisions in our community. I have worn a mask in stores (and limited my trips) since March. I’m not sure how being considerate to others for the common good is now being mocked by some who say wearing a mask means we’re “living in fear.” This needs to stop!

I saw this recently on social media and wanted to share it here:

When I wear a mask over my nose and mouth in public and in the stores/supermarkets/pharmacies/offices, I want you to know the following:

  • I’m educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.
  • No, I don’t “live in fear” of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
  • I don’t feel like the “government controls me.” I feel like I’m an adult contributing to the security in our society and I want to teach others the same.
  • If we could all live with the consideration of others in mind, the whole world would be a much better place.
  • Wearing a mask doesn’t make me weak, scared, stupid or even “controlled.” It makes me caring and responsible.
  • When you think about your appearance, discomfort, or other people’s opinion of you, imagine a loved one – a child, father, mother, grandparent, aunt, uncle or even a stranger – placed on a ventilator, alone without you or any family member allowed at their bedside… ask yourself if you could have helped them a little by wearing a mask.