Yes, it is that time of year. With all the yard signs, mailings and political ads flooding our streets, mailboxes and minds we find ourselves in systems overload.

My husband and I have been in elected office for several years and yet we still refer to this time of year as “crazy season.” It can be so much that there is a temptation to just check out. But, PLEASE, don’t let that happen to you.

I received a newsletter a while ago and would like to share an excerpt:

“The League of Women Voters has been advocating for voting rights for 100 years. We have made progress, but there are still many people who for many reasons don’t vote. Did you know that in 2016 there were more eligible voters who didn’t vote than voted for either candidate? This means that over 90 million US citizens are not being represented. The fact is that our legislators listen to the people who vote, especially the ones that vote for them! 

“Washingtonians don’t really have much excuse for not voting as we have 18 days to complete our ballot (no 3 hour waits in line); we have free postage to mail our ballot (no stamps required to vote by mail); we have a free voters pamphlet to help us research the candidates and ballot measures (many states do not provide this), but still on average only 30-50% of our Pierce Co. population votes in any given election.”

We are fortunate to live in Pierce County and the State of Washington where a citizen’s right to vote is taken seriously. We have eliminated barriers to voting and therefore excuses for not voting should be few. We have increased our ballot boxes, not decreased them. In Pierce County we believe that improved access to information is crucial for our public to be informed. The Pierce County Auditor’s Election page has great information for you.  There is information on how to register to vote, update your address or signature, and an online state and local voters’ pamphlet. Further, The News Tribune had a great article on election guidance also provided by the Auditor.

Now it is up to you. Do not repeat 2016 where more eligible voters didn’t vote than voted for either candidate.

Voting is your voice. Make your voice heard!

Will you take action to make change by asking your friends to vote too?