The Birth to 25 Advisory Board Needs You!

This past April, the Pierce County Council passed Ordinance 2019-6 which established a 19-member Birth to 25 Advisory Board (B-25 Board) for Infant, Child, Youth, and Young Adult Development.

The B-25 Board shall propose to the County Executive and County Council a long-range plan with policy, systems, and environmental change recommendations to ensure the successful development of infants, children, youth and young adults ages Birth to 25. The B-25 Board will also consider recommendations for seriously disabled up to age 25. The proposed long-range plan and policy recommendations shall consider and leverage current research, innovative and promising programs, as well as proven, evidence-based development strategies likely to be effective in Pierce County. The B-25 Board will sunset December 31, 2021 and all 19 appointed members will serve until the sunset date.

As part of the make-up of the B-25 Board, The B-25 Board is looking for seven community members, one individual from each council district, who will represent family perspectives and viewpoints. If you are interested in being appointed from District 4 please reach out to my office and fill out a Birth to 25 Advisory Board Application. When filling out the application please check the box “Community Member referred by Council District.”

Applications must be received by June 15, 2019 to be considered. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions.