Honoring Our Medicine Canoe Journey

Starting July 28 until Aug. 4, our community will be able to experience an outstanding event! A multitude of Native American Tribes from all over the west coast, including Canada and Alaska, will be arriving by canoe to the shores of Commencement Bay. The Puyallup Tribe will be welcoming over 100 canoes to celebrate and honor the water that sustains us.

“We celebrate the theme of Honoring our Medicine. Our elders have always taught us that water is a powerful medicine—a life-giving force that sustains, heals, and protects us,” stated Puyallup Tribal Chairman, Bill Sterud. The journey gives the tribes an opportunity to honor and celebrate their shared bond. It allows for the children to learn and understand and protect ways, lands, and waters of their ancestors.

The Puyallup Tribe wants to share their traditions with the public and invites all to attend their week-long activities, including singing, dancing, stories and sharing food.

For more information about how you can volunteer or participate in Canoe Journey go to www.paddletopuyallup.org.