Pierce County Graduates

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Ok, I am warning you…I am about to brag! Our granddaughter, Justice, whom is a graduate from Spanaway Lake High School,  graduated last Sunday from the University of Washington-Seattle, Foster School of Business in Accounting. She has a summer intern job with Price Waterhouse and then next fall will be attending UW to get her Master’s degree. We are extremely proud of her for her dedication to learning and her successes.

Although Justice stands out in my mind, she is just an example of the many students that have also worked hard to achieve a degree or certifications in workforce training. They are all examples of what comes from our local education systems.

In Pierce County we often hear about the need for us to have an educated and well-trained workforce. Our local public-school districts have responded. Some examples include, the Tacoma School District who has successfully increased their graduation rate; Bethel School District built a Skills Center that provides rigorous technical and professional experiences that prepare students for high demand, high wage jobs and post-secondary education; and University Place School District is one of the best in the State. There are many other examples of the exemplary work done in our K-12 schools. Pierce County also has four higher education institutions and five two-year institutions. Our community is getting our kids through school successfully and offering options to them to further their education locally. It is everyone’s hope that our kids will have opportunities to ensure that they will find success in their futures. They are hopeful that they will be able to live, work and play in our beautiful county. This is something that I believe we all want for them and that we must make happen. It is up to our governments, businesses and our communities to make sure that we are providing living wage jobs for our new graduates in Pierce County! I am ready to make sure this happens. Are you?