Remembering Our Fallen

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A number of years ago my husband John, and I attended the Law Enforcement Memorial’s annual fundraiser. For a period of time John and I would put on our finest, drive up to one of the big hotels next to Sea-Tac, enter a large ballroom room, visit with others, look and bid on auction items, and eventually sit down with friends for a nice banquet dinner. Pretty typical for a fundraiser dinner/auction. But this one was different. As dinner was winding down, the lights dimmed, large screens around the room lit up, and then it started….

This event was to honor and remember fallen officers in Washington State. Not just in the last year, but since before the turn of the century. The room was full of men and women in dress uniform, along with their families and friends. What we saw on the screen was sobering and heartbreaking. It listed year by year, the names of the officers that were killed in the line of duty; year after year, name after name, always with new individuals added. Often times when a name was posted, family members and his or her fellow officers stood in honor of the officer killed.

And now we add another name to that list. Deputy Daniel A. McCartney. We will see another family rise and fellow officers salute and we will know that it is not just a name on the screen. Deputy McCartney was a husband and a father. He was a dedicated deputy, respected by his supervisors and peers. Like all of our deputies, he believed in service to his community, to protect and serve. Being a deputy was not a job, it was a passion. And he gave his life for our community. At the next Law Enforcement Memorial fundraiser, those of us in Pierce County will rise in honor of Deputy Daniel A. McCartney. He is gone but will not be forgotten.