To those that get it done

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For many weeks, the County Council has been focusing on the Pierce County 2018 Budget. I will write about the budget when all is said and done at the end of this month. Today, I want to speak about those that get it done and thank them for doing it – our Council staff! Our budget staff spends nights and weekends reviewing the budget submitted to us by the Executive, checks numbers and sources, follows up with our questions to them, and provides us information needed for us to make appropriate amendments to the budget. They are remarkable in their knowledge and incredible in their dedication.

Our research staff is equally amazing. They are our policy wonks. Not only do they have institutional knowledge, but can do the research necessary for us to make policy decisions that go along with the budget. They are often our sounding boards, allowing us to bounce ideas off of them, while at the same time, maintaining a professional, non-partisan and objective approach. I hold them in high regard!

The legal staff reviews our documents to assure that we are in line with the law. They are the ones that write everything into code. In effect, we make the law — they write it. Their understanding of the law is immense and they are able to interpret and translate it in simple terms that Council and our citizens can understand. They are valued, respected and much appreciated.

Our clerks are the ones that keep everything orderly, prepared and on time. They are the glue that holds everything together. Much of what they do is behind the scenes so they don’t often get recognized. They are truly extraordinary!

Our front office staff is our face to the public. They are the “welcoming committee” and the first impression people have when they contact our office. They do more than forward calls, they provide assistance to the public. They understand the public’s first experience with the County is through them and they take their jobs seriously and with great responsibility. They are wonderful people and incredible at what they do.

Finally, each of us has a Council Assistant and I believe that mine is the best! I scored when I hired Annette. Her skills with people are remarkable. She has never met a person she doesn’t like and vice versa. She goes out of her way to help others and is still able to get her job done. She is organized and keeps me prepared, which isn’t always an easy task. She is a problem-solver with an innate ability to determine what I need to do before I have figured it out. Sometimes I think she is inside my head (that probably scares the life out of her). My days are better because of her and I can’t thank her enough.

Thanks to Council staff for all that you do!