Residential Side Sewer Conservation Loan Program

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Residents in Pierce County don’t always have $10,000-$15,000 laying around in their bank account to pay for an unexpected sewer repair! That is why I am so excited that Pierce County has launched a new loan program to help property owners repair or replace private side sewer lines. Below are details of the program and a link to additional information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact my office or the sewer program at 253-798-4020.


      Residential Side Sewer Conservation Loan Program
Sewer problems are often caused by trouble in your side sewer line. If your side sewer needs repair or replacement, you may be eligible for a low-interest sewer conservation loan. Pierce County Planning and Public Works Sewer Division offers low-interest loans with terms up to 10 years to residential property owners for qualifying side sewer conservation projects.

• Your home must be located within the boundaries of the Pierce County sewer service area. Check your sewer bill or click here to view our sewer service area map.
• You must have an existing single or multi-family residential property.
• New construction is not eligible.
• You must meet Conservation Loan eligibility requirements.
• (See box to the right).
Click here to see what repair types qualify for this program

Project Process
• Identify the cost of your project with a licensed contractor from Pierce County’s registered sewer contractors list. It is best to get at least three bids. You can receive a copy of the registered contractors list by contacting Planning and Land Services (click here).
• Complete and return the application form and other requested documents.
Click here for an application.
• Pierce County collects a non-refundable fee of $250 with your application.
• Pierce County conducts a real property assessment.
• Pierce County reviews the application and makes a decision on the loan.
• Pierce County notifies the applicant on approval, and the loan documents are prepared.

Required Documentation
• Completed, signed loan application
• Completed, signed release form
• Proof of Income. This may be a copy of recent pay stubs (minimum of two), direct deposit records for pension or social security, etc.
• Copy of recorded property deed.
• Copy of all sewer repair work bid estimates from licensed contractors.
• One form of identification.

Additional Documents needed if:
• The owner of the property is deceased: a copy of the recorded death certificate is required (available from Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Office of Vital Statistics).
• The property owners are divorced: a copy of the recorded dissolution stating the applicant was awarded the property is required (available from Pierce County Clerk’s Office).
• The property owner is remarried: a copy of the marriage certificate is required (available from Pierce County Auditor’s Office)
• The property is in trust: a copy of the power of attorney must be recorded with the Pierce County Auditor.
• The property is professionally managed: a copy of the property management agreement is required.
• The property was short-platted or subdivided since purchase by borrower: a recorded copy of the documents.

Other Items Considered
Pierce County Sewer Division staff will verify:
• Real Property Tax Assessment (includes proper vesting of the title, property tax status, etc.)
• Applicant’s sewer account history and financial standing with the utility

For more information on this program visit