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When you’ve had a ‘work meeting marathon day’, I am sure some of you have thought, “If I didn’t have so many meetings, I would actually be able to get work done.” I often hope to be able to start digging into my work load, but then I think, “Wait, this meeting is my work!”  

Let me explain my train of thought a bit further. The county council has three standing committees in addition to the weekly council meeting, and I serve on two of them: Public Safety, Human Services, and Budget Committee and the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee. The other committee is the Community Development Committee. Additionally, we have two ad hoc committees, Human Services and Budget. I chair the Ad Hoc Human Services Committee.

There are a number of external boards and committees to which we are assigned to represent the county council. And I am assigned to 24 committees! Here are just a few I serve on:

Tacoma Pierce County Health Board – governs the Health Department, considers policies to strengthen the health of communities in Pierce County. 

Puget Sound Regional Council Economic Development District Board of Directors – establishes a strategic blueprint for regional collaboration to create the environment for regional economic prosperity.

Economic Development Boar – is a private nonprofit which gives direction in working with local businesses to grow the economy of the South Sound and Washington with special emphasis in recruitment and retention of businesses.

Joint Municipal Action Committee – meets for the purpose of discussing common interests and opportunities for joint efforts among the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, Tacoma School District, Pierce County and the Port of Tacoma.  

Optum Health Board – is contracted with the state to provide services, programs, and resources for mental health and substance use disorders. The board is advisory and provides recommendations to Optum in its work with its partners.

Pierce County Law and Justice Council – provides a forum where the agencies providing justice services can plan and coordinate activities and resource allocation to reduce crime in Pierce County.

Public Facilities District Board of Directors – was formed as a partnership of surrounding cities when the Greater Tacoma Convention Center was built and was authorized to collect tax revenue from the partner cities – Fife, Tacoma, University Place, and Lakewood – and the County. The board receives financial status to report back to their councils, partners and support of the Convention Center to ensure its success.

Broadway Center for the Performing Arts Board of Trustees – is a complex of theaters in downtown Tacoma known as the Theatre District. The board approves programming, facility improvements, and ongoing fundraising.

I cherish the opportunity to serve on these committees, representing the county and my constituencies’ interest on all 24 of these valuable committees. As I listen and participate in the discussion I know the work comes in being at the table and having a voice for the people I serve.