YouTube, Press Releases and Blogs…Oh My!

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We have been talking a lot lately here at the Pierce County Council about communications. Most of us are old school so we like newsletters. Now we are moving into the 21st century, so I will be using different forms to communicate with you such as PCTV, YouTube, press releases, my web page and drum roll please…BLOGS!

So here I am, writing my first ever blog. My hope is that this blog will provide insight into council activities, whether it be public meetings or behind the scenes activities.

Let’s start with our council retreat. In the past, we have focused on items that we plan to work on like Comprehensive Plan Update, Shoreline Master Plan or funding for more sheriff deputies. This retreat was different. Since we have a new member on the council, it was important to cover some foundational items e.g. the County Charter, our council rules, the county budget, Open Meetings Act, and Open Public Records Act. It also never hurts for existing members to get a refresh on these items too! This retreat was full with a lot of great discussion and re-orientation.

We also did a brain dump on council priorities for 2017; economic development, homelessness and behavioral health, abatement and public nuisance and public safety.  These are areas of concern that we hear about from our residents throughout the county and know we must address.

As we move forward this year, I will share more about these topics and others issues as they arise. I will also offer up tidbits about the council office and what makes it work. My goal is to publish the blog every Wednesday, or more as I am able too.  So stay tuned…

Don’t forget to check out my video to kick off the new year! Click here.